A Bevy of Chevys

A Bevy of Chevys

Its time to give back some of what I’ve learned over the last few years. I am sold on the chevalet as the best way to cut marquetry and I want to expand its popularity. To that end I have decided to start a school for French Marquetry and the chevalet in my shop here in Canada. I do not mean to compete with ASFM but to add capacity to the market, to allow more people to learn and yes, I have Patrick’s support on this.

The first thing that a school requires is more than one chevalet so the first step toward my new goal was to build four new ones to go with the one I have here already. As of today they are all functional and they all cut very well and accurately at neutral adjustment.

I built them to be quickly and easily adjustable. Each one can adjust over about a three inch range, the smallest being in the 20"-23" range. There are two mid range models and the tall one goes to almost 26". My own is in the 22 1/2"-25 1/2" range.

The next thing I needed was students and that has come along nicely as well. I have three for the Sept. 21-25 course and several interested in next spring. It will be easier to spread the word after I have photos of the initial class.
There are two empty chevalets in Sept as of now if anyone is interested………

Thanks for looking

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That’s really cool, Shipwright!
I would absolutely love to sit in, but the commute from Minnesota would kill me!
Lol, good luck with the class l, your going to Wow them!!!

Steve Tow

Alright, You did it!
Not that I had any doubt.
I am sure your students will graduate with a lot more skills than expected.

Please Post some pictures.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

To me it looks export quality. Can you send me one?

Congratulations on the first crop of students and good luck moving forward!

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Nice job building the Chevalets . Hope your school works out . I enjoy woodworking , but teaching someone that’s interested is a thrill for me too.


Congrats on a great build and the beginnings of what I know will an amazing class on marquetry.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

have fun with your students


I bet you are glad to have them done. They are looking great. I still think that they look like trebuchets. :)


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Thanks for sharing with us and for your willingness to pass this art on to the next generation of fine woodworkers.


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Thanks everyone. It is looking like I may fill the first course in September.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Beautiful Chevalets Paul. I like the attached trays too and I will be copying that feature very soon. I wish I could attend your classes. I’m sure I would learn a lot. I can’t wait to hear about how they went and feedback from your students. I can imagine that you are pretty excited about giving these classes and I know they will go very well as you have already taught so many of us a lot on the net. I think it is great to have skills, but even greater to share them with others.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Just amazing talent and craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing and I know you will have a ball with the classes.


Not actually an attached tray Mike, it’s just an attached shelf to put your tray on. …… but you likely knew that. :-)
They are attached with machine screws and insert nuts for easy removal. Mine has two positions, one closer to me and the other, like these, flush with the post to allow larger packets to pass.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.