A Little Cabinetree .... Second Box on Stand

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Still into the intense grain matching, different hinges and marquetry, but moving along to double bevel style on the scroll saw here. This piece has a lot going on. First it is about the conflict between the organic and the man made and second it is a tribute to the Western Maple. The box is again 1/2" MDF veneered this time entirely with shop sawn Western Maple veneer. The marquetry is cut first and then each piece is individually dyed by hand with an artist’s brush before re-assembly. The top background is, like Oops!, jointed diagonally and waterfall matched to all four sides. Even the corners match all the way down. It was an interesting study.
This was the piece that showed me I needed to have a better tool than a scroll saw to do really good marquetry. I know that good marquetry can be done on a scroll saw, just not by me. :-)

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-- The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.


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