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These tables were made for a client who saw my “Music” table at the Sidney Fine Art Show last year. They were a bit of a challenge to design with enough strength without looking heavy but I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

Features include identical four way matches of Walnut burl on the two tables, open aprons that fair into the inside curves of the legs, ebonized Walnut mortise and tenon construction, and oh yes, my first cabriole legs. The Purpleheart band is to pick up the purple color in her carpet and yes, she’s fine with it darkening to a browner color over time.

The last photo shows the tables she originally brought me that she wanted to replace, the mock-up I built to check out strength issues and three dimensional aesthetics, and the finished tables.

She picked them up today and she loves them. Isn’t that nice?

There’s a build blog here.

Thanks for looking.

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That’s some fantastic work. Those aprons are some of the coolest I have ever seen.

I found a neat “trick” to prevent the exotics from color shifting. I like to apply watco teak oil before finishing. It’s basically danish oil but with with UV inhibitors. I’ve french polished right over it and it works similar to BLO as a padding oil for the first coat.

Very nice work Paul, They are so much nicer than the original one’s but I guess that was the whole point. The top looks beautiful with that burl.

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Those are OUTSTANDING! No wonder she was delighted!

Everything about the tables is spectacular — your design, the choice of veneers, and the craftsmanship.

Thanks for sharing your journey.


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Paul these are beautiful! I love the ebonizing detail and the veneer you choose. The blog gave great detail in how you did it. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

-- Anna


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