Dogwood Sideboard

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This may be the nicest piece of furniture I have made although the marquetry reflects my earliest attempt. It is certainly my wife’s favourite. I built it about 2008 or 2009.

It was built for the spot it now occupies in our living room. It features all shop cut veneers in Cherry, Bocote, Apple, Arbutus, Lacewood, Red cedar, and Western Maple. Legs and face framing are local Elm heartwood. The dogwood is the Provincial Flower of British Columbia.

All the “marquetry” on this was done using a router and an inlay bushing set. I developed a method of cutting all the pieces from veneer rather than inlaying into a solid ground. Basically I cut the pieces on top of insulation foam board and allowed the router bit to go right through. Interestingly, if I were to re-make this today, I’d likely do it the same way because you can’t cut that huge background veneer on either a chevalet or a scroll saw.

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